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Heating oil hoses

Heating oil hoses

HEATING OIL HOSES for EL and S heating oil

We manufacture heating oil hoses for you.

Fields of application

  • Oil burner flow and return hoses
  • Pressure hose on oil burner (pump nozzle)
  • Central oil supply

Design (meets EN/ISO 6806)

  • Inner hose made of high-quality synthetic rubber (Perbunan)
  • Depending on pressure requirements, an inner rayon braid
  • External braid made of galvanised iron wire (serves both as reinforcement and mechanical protection)


  • In accordance with your drawings or specifications

Pressure resistance

  • Up to 20 bar operating pressure, depending on nominal width and design

Temperature range

  • Depending on the application and material.

Nominal widths available:

  • From NW 3 to NW 25